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Honeywell has selected Tofino technology for its OneWireless Firewall and will be releasing the product as part of its Experion R311.2 release. The Honeywell OneWireless Firewall sits between Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control systems and OneWireless networks, providing an additional layer of protection against unwanted and harmful network traffic, thereby promoting system integrity for both wireless and wired process control.

Byres Security and Belden/Hirschmann will be releasing new Hirschmann/Tofino industrial security products this year. “We have signed a technology cooperation agreement with Hirschmann to jointly create new products based on Hirschmann industrial hardware and Tofino security technology. With this agreement in place, the Tofino technology partner program now includes Cooper Crouse-Hinds/MTL Instruments, Honeywell Process Solutions and Belden/Hirschmann,” stated the release.

Continuing the string of recent partnerships, Byres Security is joining forces with Juniper Networks Inc. at the Forrester Security Forum to present what is said to be the world’s first demonstration of how the emerging IF-MAP standard can secure vulnerable SCADA systems. According to Byres Security, “IF-MAP standard has the potential to revolutionize SCADA security in the next few years by allowing corporate-wide security policy to be easily deployed for legacy SCADA devices that simply don’t know what security is, letting policy decisions be dynamically determined from a large number of diverse real-time sources, like Active Directory servers, GPS-based equipment locators or network security event monitors and combining IT and SCADA needs into a single security solution that can be used seamlessly with legacy SCADA equipment.

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