I’ve been working and vacationing for a while. Back in the office yesterday and catching up. I see Jim Cahill beat me back to the grindstone talking about OPC Xi. I’m curious about what Xi means to the larger UA effort. But there’s no doubt that this specification will move OPC into the modern age. I’ve written a couple of things on this. Check out Jim’s notes.

Starting off the year, consider Seth Godin who says “why ask why”. Maybe you can spark creativity this year by making like a 3-yr-old and always ask, Why. Actually, Lean has a methodolgy about six (or is it five?) whys.

I was a Palm user from 1996 until last year. I used it like a tablet PC in its time. But they got enamoured by the Blackberry, then the iPhone. But they lost it. Om Malik nails the situation in his blog.

Then Eoin O Riain posted his travails with technology at Read Out Signpost. Good read. (Oh, but Eoin, you need to change my URL in your blog roll.)

One last item, from Andrew Hargadon on innovation. He takes a look at the rise and fall of central Asia. Food for thought.

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