I posed a question Jan 8 “You all should learn SQL” and got a bunch of interesting responses. Most of the “major” systems and software companies are using Microsoft SQL Server, I would guess. Oracle has been making a play into the manufacturing space…again. (I first heard about SQL and got an intro around 1988 from Oracle, I believe.) Well, Oracle’s acquisition of Sun finally received European approval. Sebastian Rupley of GigaOM has a post centered on a memo from Jonathan Schwartz, Sun CEO. Sun acquired the open-source SQL database competitor to Oracle–MySQL. It also developed and released (at least parts) to open source the programming language/platform Java. So, the question is–what will happen to MySQL and Java? Can Oracle put up with open source? What will all the companies that based low cost products (like Inductive Automation whose Steve Hechtman was the source of my question a couple of weeks ago) do? This is a serious question. Oracle’s Larry Ellison is not known for benevolance and being a nice guy. The first “owners” of MySQL are trying to get it back.

This is something we’ll have to watch carefully.

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