We left 24 inches of snow on the ground around the house early yesterday to go to chilly Florida. Left my wife at our son’s house so she can play grandmother, while I drove over to Orlando last night after The Game (OK “The” for Americans, I know that “The” game for the rest of the world comes later this summer in South Africa). I didn’t bring a sweatshirt, so no early morning run outdoors today (temp in low 40s F).

I thought the game was good, decided by a great individual effort on the interception and return for touchdown. Have to say I was underwhelmed by the ads. Got a little tired of underware. Bud kept up its consistent message that men are morons. Google amazed the technology industry by running an ad showing Google is a great search engine (they needed to point that out?).

Today I’ll head over to the Rosen Center where I’m told the annual ARC Forum takes place. I’ve been every year starting in 1998. This year’s agenda for Gary is pretty much non-stop interviews and conferences with technology suppliers. For the first few years I was here, there were great presentations by practitioner thought leaders. Then there were several years of presentations by ARC Clients (suppliers) who had their CEO share stage (sometimes more sometimes less) with customers. This year I’m not sure about the sessions. Looks like lots of panels where several suppliers share the stage. There are four simultaneous tracks and one of me–do the math.

Meanwhile, suppliers see this as an ideal stage to get in front of the media. Therefore today I’ll be in six hours of press conferences (11 in total, they give us a rest room break). If there is any news, I’ll post later. ARC also scheduled 3 more press conferences for tomorrow morning before the sessions start. I already had a breakfast appointment before I found out, so I won’t be there. I’m sure I’ll get the news if there is any. Have a bunch of other meetings during the week.

I just hope I can get to enough sessions to meet the famous Dr. Edgar from the University of Texas.

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