I’ve recently started following the blog of Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a Christian publishing house. He brings up experiences and fruits of his extended reading. This post “What the Bible Says About Leadership and Delegation” is worth reading for all leaders.

He takes examples from the life of Moses–the guy who led the Hebrews out of Egypt. Can you imagine the leadership problem of organizing a huge group of people, in the desert, with no experience in governing themselves, probably no real knowledge of how to live in the desert, wondering where they were going–and why, and the settling the disputes that inevitably arise when lots of people are in a small space? Wow.

A few of the thoughts (you’ve got to read the whole thing to get the impact): admit that working nonstop is unsustainable; understand your unique calling; select qualified leaders to assist you; give these leaders responsibility and authority; and only do those things which others cannot do.

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