M2M, or machine-to-machine, markets have been poised for a takeoff for years. The concept was introduced to me as a way to automatically send information from device to client computing device using cellular technology as the broadband. Cell telephone operators saw this as a way to sell more bandwidth. Connectivity companies saw it as an opportunity to connect the “Internet of Things.” Only a few companies have persisted in this particular vision. One is Axeda, which has evolved from HMI/SCADA supplier to M2M platform supplier.

The company has been busy the past week, releasing three announcements–two about connections to the mobile broadband. The first is an agreement between Axeda and Sprint. I’ve read the press release four times, and can’t figure out exactly what they’ve agreed to. Evidently it’s a collaboration for Axeda customers to gain access to Sprint’s network.

The second release was similar to the first, announcing an agreement between Axeda and Telenor Connexion, said to be the world’s sixth largest mobile system operator. Once again, Axeda M2M customers can now take advantage of the Telenor network.

The last release announced an alliance between Axeda and Integron Inc.–a supplier of supply chain and logistics services.

Perhaps the sudden flurry of releases reflects a new growth spurt for the segment. The dream of connecting every device to the Internet via cellular broadband is far from reality, but practical advances are allowing a few companies to make a living–and that’s not all bad.

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