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Digital Ecosystems Re-Shaping Markets for Manufacturing

This report from Accenture looking at technology trends that will affect manufacturing among other businesses shows how people outside of the depths of automation, manufacturing, production arena are amazed by many technologies that we take for granted. Check out the list of five trends, though. We already do some, but there are others that we […]

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AVnu Alliance Launches Support for Industrial Ethernet Market

Here is announcement that foretells significant impact on industrial Ethernet and potentially all the suppliers. I bet it’s also an alliance that you’ve never heard of. Think audio-visual for AV. The AVnu Alliance has launched work on an open standard for deterministic Ethernet creating capability for standard Ethernet to meet the needs of industrial market […]

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When Preventive Maintenance Prevents Production

This sign greeted customers at my local office…er, Starbucks. “Our Espresso machine is down!” It seems that the Starbucks regional people sent in a tech to perform “routine preventive maintenance” last night. The machine is down today. Wonder how much that’s cutting out production–and profits? I used to write a column for a maintenance magazine. […]

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Did Internet of Things Begin With Manufacturing

In my last newsletter (you can sign up on the right sidebar for my special content newsletter), I discussed the many press releases issued during the past few weeks on the Internet of Things (IoT) for industry. Maryanne Steidinger, director product marketing operations for Schneider Electric software, posited in a blog post that control and […]

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GE to Open Up Predix Industrial Internet Platform to All Users

I guess this industrial internet thing has legs. Check this announcement (one of several) from GE. GE announced recently it is on track to deliver over $1 billion in incremental revenue this year from more than 40 Industrial Internet offerings, with $1.3 billion in orders, helping customers improve asset performance management (APM) and business operations […]

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Family of Wireless I/O Solutions for Industrial M2M Automation and Control

True to my word about accelerating IoT announcements, here is one about wireless IO. FreeWave Technologies Inc.., a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, released the WaveContact product family. The new product family expands FreeWave’s wireless I/O solutions for industrial M2M and IoT applications in […]

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What The Industrial Internet Means Now

Talk of Internet of Things / Industrial Internet / Connected Enterprise is growing. Consumer applications are partly to blame. Wearables for health and fitness and home automation are major consumer applications attracting attention and investment dollars. The industrial case dates from at least 1999 when the cellular carriers were looking for new markets to sell data transmission (not foreseeing the […]

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Industrial Internet of Things Advances With Partnership Agreement

A client recently discussed the impacts of the Internet of Things on its business. I mentioned that if you look at the entire system, you have to consider both all the inputs from the huge variety of sensors and the data collection, analysis, and presentation that make sense of the whole thing. Add that idea […]

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Internet of Things Market Consolidation Continues

The Internet of Things conversation for industrial/manufacturing application is certainly picking up steam. Meanwhile, I’m really intrigued by what PTC is up to. It recently acquired ThingWorx, now it has announced acquisition of Axeda. PTC is a company usually identified as “product lifecycle management” which is usually a term referring to design. The major players […]

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