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Festo Manufacturing and Distribution in the US

The Festo International Press Conference has taken me on manufacturing and technology tours to Germany and Hungary in the past. This year’s event was a short drive down Interstate 75 to Cincinnati, Ohio. Here a large international press contingent toured its new $70 M state-of-the-art distribution and manufacturing center. The facility features a highly automated […]

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Integrated Control Architecture and Network Technology

I am spending the week with Rockwell Automation at its annual user conference and trade fair. Today was Integrated Control Architecture and Connected Enterprise day. More later on Connected. The last two posts have been Rockwell and there is enough information for me to post many more times. We’ll see when I’ve run the course. […]

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More Robots Do Not Equal Manufacturing Job Losses

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) today published a white paper entitled “Robots Fuel the Next Wave of U.S. Productivity and Job Growth” in which data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a wide range of manufacturing firms document how and why increasing the use of robots is associated with increased employment. Key statistics […]

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Motion Control Industry Consolidation

I’m digesting information to write on from the conference I’m at now. But first, an interlude. News of an interesting acquisition further consolidating the motion control industry comes from a perhaps unlikely source. Omron Corp. has entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. of California. […]

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AVnu Alliance Launches Support for Industrial Ethernet Market

Here is announcement that foretells significant impact on industrial Ethernet and potentially all the suppliers. I bet it’s also an alliance that you’ve never heard of. Think audio-visual for AV. The AVnu Alliance has launched work on an open standard for deterministic Ethernet creating capability for standard Ethernet to meet the needs of industrial market […]

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Motion Control Products from Switzerland

Technosoft, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has released the first member of its iMOT line of motors with integrated motion controller and drive — the  iMOT172S XM-CAN intelligent stepless motor. The product is based on a cost-effective hybrid step motor on which the motion control specialists at Technosoft have integrated a magnetic encoder, together with a […]

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Automation Control Programming Studio Updated

Every Rockwell Automation software executive and product manager who talked with me at Automation Fair almost gushed over the latest and major release of Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer v24 (with a name that long, it’d better be good). According to the press release, “Engineers have new design capabilities that can dramatically increase automation […]

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