I’m at the Day 3 keynotes of NI Week. This day is dedicated to students of all ages doing cool engineering projects. Right now they’re talking electric car development.  Now it’s ecocar challenge with students from Virginia Tech.

James Truchard’s (Dr. T) keynote highlighted innovation (unlike the typical CEO keynote that focuses on business performance). Quotes from Edison highlighted the idea of developing a method of doing innovation. NI is continually innovative and has enhanced its Web-based community of partners to bring in more ideas and innovations. As I wrote briefly in the LabView 2010, NI has developed a version of the “app store” where partners can write applications and sell them in an IP-protected store. This benefits the entire ecosystem.

In the product/technology keynotes, NI once again showed pushing the envelop on signal acquisition and analysis in a variety of ways and form factors. Later today I’ll detail some new products. Co-founder and NI Fellow Jeff Kodosky discussed the complexities of programming time. Just shows the complexities of programming the “wires” that connect “virtual instruments” or “VIs” in a LabView programming environment. As NI works on these problems that “Jeff K” ponders, advances to LabView continue.

Exactly one year ago at NI Week I had learned that my blog publisher was going out of business and I had to change. So I’ve been on Squarespace full time for about 8 months now. So it’s time to work on the site. It seems to be doing well.

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