A couple of weeks ago, Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, ran a little contest on his blog with the prize of a free, autographed book. I entered and was surprised today when it arrived in the mail. Thanks, Michael. I’ll have a review after I read it. “The Executive and the Elephant” by Richard L. Daft.

Speaking of books, PAS recently published the second edition of “The Alarm Management Handbook” by Eddie Habibi, PAS Founder and CEO, and Bill Hollifield, PAS Alarm Management Principal Consultant. It is modestly billed by the company as “the most comprehensive best-practices book available for designing and maintaining an effective alarm management system.”

The new edition includes additional practical information on benchmarking alarm system performance, developing a comprehensive alarm philosophy, solving nuisance alarm problems, performing alarm rationalization, implementing advanced alarm handling techniques, and improving the operator HMI for optimum situation awareness and incident mitigation.

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