I’ve been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks. I’m accumulating a few things to blog about.

Just off the WebEx on a new announcement from Yokogawa for the CentumVP Release 5. 4x faster, 2x more capacity, 5x faster communications–all for about the same price. That’s cool, but it’s also what we jaundiced technology people expect. I don’t have the press release, yet. More at Automation World when I get it.

I have written recently about checklists. Perhaps the best self-management tool is the to-do list. Or in the case of Getting Things Done (GTD), multiple lists based upon where you are. The other aspect of GTD is capturing everything in order to get it off your mind. I’ve been using an application called Thinking Rock. Gradually I noticed I wasn’t using it. All of who have done automation projects know that if you don’t make it usable, then it won’t be used.

I’ve recently switched to an online GTD application called Nozbe. I find I’m really using it. Now to check off those items!

A friend of mine is an insurance adjustor. He sent these pictures to me. Do you recognize anyone in these? Not the exact person, but the situation. In my career in plants and factories, I’ve seen too many things like these. People seem to be behaving more safely these days. I hope they keep it up.





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