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Emerson Automation Strives To Enable Top Quartile Performance For Customers

Emerson Automation’s PlantWeb architecture has grown and morphed into a full blown Industrial Internet of Things platform. The redesigned and reinvigorated integrated architecture forms the foundation of Emerson’s new Operational Certainty initiative. This is the first of a few reports on the latest Emerson Automation news. Steve Sonnenberg, recently elevated into the role of Chairman […]

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Industrial Risk Management And Common Sense

I am a conservationist. What that means is that I have a lifestyle of conserving and preserving. Especially nature. It doesn’t mean that I’m political. Or even anti-development. On the other hand, I have ceased being political. Whether I’m “liberal” or “conservative” (as if anyone really knows what all falls under those labels!) bores me. […]

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Rockwell Automation Opens Call for Nominations for Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award

The product and marketing group for machine safety at Rockwell Automation has been quite creative in its efforts to promote safety to manufacturers. Now the company has decided to sponsor a variety of safety awards to be presented during the America’s Safest Companies Conference. What: Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award Who: Any manufacturer that […]

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Automation Minutes Podcast on Safety Builder

I discuss Rockwell Automation’s new Safety Automation Builder software with OEM Technical Consultant Jonathan Johnson. We learn that the tool is part of trend of providing easy-to-use tools for engineers to help them improve design, get projects done faster and provide end-of-project documentation. Check the Rockwell SAB Website for more information. I also wrote about […]

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New Tools Simplify Machinery Safety-System Design

If there is anything certain concerning the near future of automation, it is that we’re facing a drastically changing workforce. Tools that bring new engineers, operators and technicians up to speed quickly will become an essential part of a supplier’s portfolio. When I took my first class regarding determining safety SIL levels and evaluating a […]

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Safety First To Protect Industrial Workers

I’ve been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks. I’m accumulating a few things to blog about. Just off the WebEx on a new announcement from Yokogawa for the CentumVP Release 5. 4x faster, 2x more capacity, 5x faster communications–all for about the same price. That’s cool, but it’s also what we jaundiced technology people […]

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Importance of Operator Training

I’ve been reading several reports this morning about the pilots’ actions during that Air France flight 447 disaster. I’m also putting this in context with the talk First Officer Jeffrey Skiles gave at a user conference (I cannot find my original blog post) who was one of the pilots on the US Airways flight that […]

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