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Belden Inc. has acquired Byres Security Inc. today. Belden is one of several companies that has been filling out its portfolio by making smaller, strategic acquisitions.

According to Joann and Eric Byres, the company will continue to operate independently as a business unit under Belden. The Tofino Security brand remains. They say in a blog post, “BSI will continue:

  • Developing technology for robust industrial control system security
  • Helping companies adopt industrial security solutions
  • Advocating for a higher level of industrial cyber security within organizations
  • Contributing to the development of industrial cyber security standards.”

Further, they note, “We will carry on leading Byres Security, with Joann as General Manager and VP and Eric as CTO and VP Engineering, and we are committed to developing the business for many years.  Our experienced BSI team remains intact. Existing Tofino Security product lines will be actively developed, sold and supported. Red and blue Tofino Security Appliances are going to continue to appear in factories and plants around the world, only in more shapes and sizes. Our partners, who have been key to our success, will continue to remain very important to us.  We look forward to continuing to work with MTL Instruments, Honeywell, Invensys and all of our Tofino Certified VARs and SIs.”

Under Belden, the Byres expect investment in R&D and product development to increase with Tofino Security technology incorporated into Belden products and an expansion into a wider range of hardware platforms.

The reason to sell to Belden seems to be primarily that they have been working with the Hirschmann group for about two years, developing a strong working relationship over time. Belden already incorporates Tofino Security in its Eagle line of products while Byres uses Hirschmann hardware in many of its own products.


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