I’ve been at the ARC Forum in Orlando with wall-to-wall meetings since before noon on Monday. On Tuesday I was able to meet with Mike Caliel, recently appointed as President and CEO of Invensys Operations Management.

The key word of the conversation was “execute”–not as in people, but as in making the strategy that was put in place when he was CEO of Invensys Process Systems six years ago work. Sudipta Bhattacharya assembled a good team to ressurect the company from the depths of the prior administration. Now it is Caliel’s charter to execute the plan.

He told me he was excited to be back. He was able to to do some meaningful work when he left Invensys, but now he is energized with the return to his process control roots.

My take is that Caliel can take this team and move it to new success. It remains a smaller player amongst the majors, but it has been growing and he has a chance to accelerate the growth. He is a sales oriented leader and perhaps the right person to assume leadership at this time.

There has been too much turnover at the position, though, and we hope that he can stay for a while in order to provide some stability.

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