While some of you watch TV, I often watch the TED talks. You can learn a lot from these short presentations. Here is a way cool recent one by Vijay Kumar of the University of Pennsylvania on autonomous robots.

You’ll want to start making your arrangements to attend Automation World’s “The Automation Conference.” We have expanded beyond our successful run of Packaging Automation Forums to include factory automation and process automation tracks. There are some quality speakers lined up. The location is convenient (close to O’Hare airport in Chicago). Plus you can come and get into an intense discussion with me, too 😉

When we scheduled our conference, I checked my calendar and a bunch of Websites and couldn’t find a conflict. A few weeks ago I learned that the annual WBF conference will be the same week–in Houston. Neither of us intended to compete with the other. If your travel budget is constrained and you’re in the Houston area, or if you want to take a very deep drive into procedural control, then check it out. It’s unfortunate that we’re the same week. We emphasize different things, though, so there should be room for both of us to be successful–at least I hope so.

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