Jason Calacanis is a hard-charging entrepreneur. Started a blogging media company and sold it to AOL. Took his winnings and started other companies. If you’ve ever listened to him on a podcast, you know that he’s a fast-thinking, over-the-top sort of guy.

But that means he doesn’t hide his feelings. In this essay on Tesla electric vehicles, he calculates that EV transportation is essentially free when you consider how much you pay for gasoline over the course of your life.

You need to read the comments, though. Many thoughtful responses. Some point out that electricity isn’t free–or pollution-free. It’s generated somewhere. Often by coal or oil.

I don’t have an EV, mostly because of where I live. Living in a rural area means that I drive many miles. I would often push the limits of the battery’s charge.

Check out his thoughts and let me know if you think EVs are the future. Or, should we keep searching for a better technology? Or, can we provide electricity in a better way?

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