How Do You Manage Change?

Tech-Clarity is conducting a research study on how top performing manufacturers manage change in their manufacturing facilities. Sometimes I wonder about surveys, but many people use this information to develop new products around what customers really want versus what their marketing departments say they want. Even I use that to research areas that are most meaningful to my readers. Thanks for helping with the survey.

Tyranny of the Urgent

The first “personal development” seminar I attended was an eye-opener. It brought me into a whole world of such things as time management, personal development, becoming an effective (rather than efficient) manager, and more. The speakers theme was avoiding the “Tyranny of the Urgent.”

Then, some 35 years later, Seth Godin writes about the same topic. With a modern twist, of course.

“That’s what gets done, of course. The urgent. Not the article you haven’t gotten around to writing, the trip to the gym that will pay off in the long run, the planning for your upcoming birthday party, dinner with your parents (who would love to see you), ten minutes to sit quietly, saying thank you to a friend for no real reason… no, we do the urgent first.”

Check him out.

Where do you spend your time

Just ran across a new blog, Today’s Manager.

In this post, he asks where a leader should spend his time.

In summary, People Development, Personal Growth, Number Crunching, and Review and Feedback. Check out his entire post for the reasoning behind the topics.

Honeywell updates OneWireless

Honeywell’s OneWireless Network Release 210 incorporates several new features that make wireless technology easier to deploy and operate. New features include over-the-air field device provisioning and a Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) made possible by the ISA100 standard; and native integration of OneWireless field networks into Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS).

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