LNS Research Manufacturing Operations Management researchPeople have asked me for studies like this for many years. But I have never had the testing labs and time to accomplish this task and assure that it is accurate. If it is not accurate, then all you do is raise a firestorm of hate mail from the companies. [I’m not so worried about advertising revenue. The ads you see are not making me much money, anyway.]

I know founder Matt Littlefield. We talked about business and analysis models after I left Automation World and was developing my own business. I am intellectually an analyst, but I didn’t know the business model. I like his method. We’ll see how it works.

LNS Research, a technology research firm focusing on the industrial space, decided to tackle that issue releasing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solution Selection Guide. Composed of 20 top software vendors, the guide aims to educate end-users on the manufacturing software market and aid the selection process. The MOM software space encompasses applications between the enterprise / business systems and industrial automation systems, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) software, Historian software and Manufacturing Process Workflow software.

The MOM Solution Selection Guide provides executives with valuable insights needed to make the complex decision around the short list of solutions they should actively consider for improving their manufacturing operations. It covers each vendor in depth, with individualized overviews and analyses on their business strategies, solution capabilities, industry expertise, geographic coverage, technology delivery models, and more.

According to Mark Davidson, Principal Analyst at LNS Research, “A MOM solution implementation has the potential to make a significant positive impact on an organization’s manufacturing operations, but at the same time, the selection process needs to include a wide number of factors in order to ensure the best strategic fit and ongoing results. This solution selection guide intends to greatly simplify the process of matching key considerations and requirements of manufacturing companies who are looking for pre-packaged software solutions.”

With a range of vendors in the space –each with relative strengths and weaknesses—the MOM Solution Selection Guide creates a concise landscape for executive consideration. Available on the LNS Research website upon the conclusion of site visitors taking a short manufacturing operations management survey, the guide synthesizes a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses performed by the LNS Research team, working cooperatively with each vendor over recent months.

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