The latest thing in MES from operations mangement solutions providers is targeted solutions “packs.” A couple of weeks ago I talked with some software business development people discussing that area. Now, I’ve received a press release from Dassault Systèmes (new owner of Apriso, so new the marketing teams are still sorting out branding issues) that includes a “Pack.”

The company announced general availability of the Apriso FlexNet Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) 3.0 and Quality Intelligence Pack. This next generation operational intelligence product from Apriso, now a part of Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA brand, lets manufacturers better manage and execute quality programs, in real-time, to address today’s key production and quality management challenges.

“Nearly half of all manufacturers surveyed experience difficulty effectively measuring quality key performance indicators. It is likely that too many disparate systems and data sources, as well as the organizational view of quality, are major contributors to this challenge. An effective metrics program requires buy-in from leadership and other personnel, but it also requires a strong IT architecture that captures and provides visibility into performance data,” explained Mathew Littlefield, President and Principle Analyst at LNS Research.

By leveraging Apriso’s MPI 3.0, manufacturers can more readily manage the proliferation of event data to identify quality issues faster, resulting in accelerated resolution. Expanded visibility into products, suppliers, machines, shifts, dates, departments or facilities gives manufacturers unprecedented access to quickly identify potential quality issues, which can then be contained to better manage any broader impact these issues may cause. By compressing time-to-resolution, MPI 3.0 effectively reduces the cost of quality.

The new Intelligence Pack extends MPI’s capabilities beyond production and machine intelligence to deeply manage quality with features including:

* Streamlined, accelerated quality inspections and defect analysis* Extended supplier quality analysis with visual dashboards* Key quality metrics monitoring: Sigma Level, DPMO, Process Capability, and more

New MPI 3.0 features include:

* Expanded Excel support, to create powerful analysis definitions that can be easily shared* Improved Web-based viewer to support on-line analysis and visualization* Data can be retrieved efficiently and accurately from almost any third party solution* Supports Microsoft SQL 2012 or SQL 2008 R2 and seamless upgrade from 2008 to 2012

“Manufacturers are increasingly reliant upon real-time visibility into manufacturing operations performance across plants and around the globe to meet stringent quality standards,” said John Fishell, Vice President of Apriso Product Management, DELMIA, Dassault Systèmes. “This latest update to MPI 3.0 provides manufacturers with the capabilities necessary to quickly analyze quality inspection and performance data, which can then be acted upon to produce higher quality at a lower cost.”

Apriso’s Manufacturing Process Intelligence 3.0 with its Quality Intelligence Pack joins other Manufacturing Intelligence Packs available from Apriso, including Machine, Production and Time & Labor Intelligence Packs. While these Intelligence Packs can be licensed independently, one of their advantages is their reach across silos of operations. Each of these products provide out-of-the-box visibility and reporting to accelerate the implementation and analysis of critical, time-sensitive manufacturing operations through pre-configured analytics, key performance indicators, dashboards and reports.

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