Jim Pinto w beardJim Pinto turned from writing about automation and business to economics. And, frankly, his thoughts have been rather dark and pessimistic. It is easy to look at income distribution and see that the rich get richer. Heck, William Jennings Bryan made a career of running for US President (and losing 4 times) complaining about that very fact (or impression).

His latest post takes a different road. He ponders happiness.

Certainly in Christian areas, December is a time that is supposed to be bathed in happiness, yet it is often a time of immense unhappiness.

My addition to Jim’s thoughts would be to consider gratitude.

Thinkers for at least 4,000 years have figured out that happiness is a by-product of doing something you can be immersed in–primarily those activities that benefit other people.

Another way to reach a level of happiness as a foundation of life, is to practice gratitude. What I mean is to express in one way or another the people, places and things for which you are grateful.

A good practice is to set aside time during the day, preferably early morning or just before retiring, to make a gratitude list.

Such thinking will spill over to your job. It will either make you feel better toward what you do or spur you onward to find something that better fits your happiness/gratitude gradient.

Leaders should especially practice this discipline. Too often we forget about those for whom we should be grateful. We think we’re doing it all ourselves. Hint: we’re not. And when we recognize the greater team of people we work with and serve, we will become much happier with what we do.

Toward the top of my gratitude list are all of you–the readers (and occasional commenters) who have kept this blog going for over 11 years. Thank you. (shameless pitch) And if you find it interesting and valuable, pass it along to your colleagues.

“Don’t worry; Be happy.”

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