Jim Pinto w beardMy friend Jim Pinto has turned from writing on automation to tackling impossible subjects such as politics and economics. His latest ponderings are on poverty and wealth in America.

I must confess that I’m partly to blame. For the 10 years that I was editor of Automation World, he wrote a column for me on automation. We talked monthly about the subject and he always provided insightful views. When I left, the relationship left, too. Now, he’s looking at big subjects.

Take a look at his post and post your own comments.

My own view is that looking for government action to solve society’s problems will never get there. What Jim leaves unsaid is that what is really needed is not politics, but instead a change in people’s hearts.

It is from people acting, helping, giving, that solutions arise. I hear so many stories from around the world listening to TED Talks from people who have done much. There are so many cool engineering problems solved simply and elegantly. So many management issues tackled. Makes me wonder what we are all really doing with our one life.

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