timSowellSometimes I think I must be Tim Sowell’s, vp and fellow at Schneider Electric (software), personal press agent. I tweet his blog and refer to his writing often. He is the best thinker on manufacturing operations systems whose writing I can find. By the way, if any of you know other thinkers I should follow, please add to the comments.

In his latest post, he tackles a subject near to my heart–simplicity. People just keep trying to add complexity on top of complexity without regard for constructing the systems such that they may be understood.

Sowell posted this blog entry recently. In it he pointed to an excellent article that we all need to digest and incorporate into our lives. It deals with striving for simplicity in the face of increasing complexity.

Reflecting upon 2014, Sowell notes, “In the last half of 2014 we saw a significant increase in companies engaging with us on ‘Operational System, Operational Environment in 2020 – 25’. These were not inquires; these were real engagements where companies were reflecting on their systems relative to the new operational landscape we are all facing over the next 10 years. I suspect that 2015 will continue this trend and different programs been taken by companies to guide investments, and technological adoptions to provide them with a foundation to address ‘operational transformation’. Addressing the increasing complexity of systems, without increasing operational process complexity is fundamental.”

Sowell continues, “One of challenges we all face is the new operational landscape with changing products, a flat world of competition and changing workforce, we have a tendency to think and create complexity is increasing value. This article by Neil Smith allows a good ‘step back’ of the need stay focused on simplicity and this must apply to operational processes and systems, if we are going to be able to absorb change and compete.”

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