Tim Sowell writes weekly on operations management. His last blog post refers back to one of mine (thank you) and then adds a deep insight.

My post concerned adoption of cloud and the movement toward private clouds. A survey revealed that manufacturing leads the way in cloud adoption.

Tim says:

The above learnings and results do not surprise me, based upon my own engagements in the field, and observing the increased realization that speed of change is important, and tradition large projects are going out the door. Replaced by rapid projects leveraging existing expertise in the industry and adding through own operational process value to differentiate.

How does the cloud help us? As a major component of new platform technologies it enables speed of change, flexibility, collecting existing expertise.

These are important whether you are in engineering, operations, or maintenance. In fact, these disciplines continue to blend, don’t they? The new platforms building on all these new technologies will force management teams to reformulate their department silos and achieve greater results through cross-fertilization of expertise of teams.

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