Architecture ManualSchneider Electric software aims to boost process line improvement tool for food & beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. It announced yesterday availability of Line Performance Suite for Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers.

This single purpose app is built atop Wonderware MES software. These apps are a growing trend in the industry. Another trend is moving the investment in software from the capital expenditure budget (CapEx) to operations budget (OpEx). Schneider Electric has priced this offering as a subscription service to meet those customer needs.

Turnkey productivity improvement software

Addressing process improvement, Line Performance Suite offers a turnkey line enhancement and productivity improvement solution that can be used across operations.

Work Order execution“Users of the Line Performance Suite can unlock hidden capacity in production lines to help drive improved profitability, higher quality and enhanced Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE),” said Doug Warren, Vice President, Industry Solutions at Schneider Electric Software. “Integrated reporting and analysis ensures packaging line output is optimized, providing greater understanding to locate process weaknesses and maintain maximum throughput. What results is better intelligence on line performance for more informed decision making.”


Identified benefits of Line Performance Suite include:

  • Line Performance – remove bottlenecks, reduce downtime and increase availability to gain process metrics for both automated and manual production lines
  • Product Quality – lower scrap rates and improve first pass yields to achieve better quality and right first time metrics
  • Visibility to Process Metrics – gain visibility to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve real-time access to critical operating parameters

Included in the offering is Schneider Electric’s Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program. This program enables access to the latest software upgrades, expert technical assistance and self-help tools to improve operational effectiveness.

Economic development

In one of those interesting coincidences, last week I had a breakfast meeting with two people from the Singapore Economic Development agency. They touted an investment by Schneider Electric in a large software development division. That division—it’s the Industry Solutions Business.

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