In this era of magazine and media transitions, here is an automation magazine that has published its 400th issue, which translates in its case to more than 36 years. In Italian, it’s Automazione Oggi. In English, Automation Today.

When I was yet the editor of Automation World and I was trying to put the “world” in the magazine, I swung deals with writers in Asia, Germany, and Italy. I wrote a column from Automation World for their publications and they wrote a column for me. Well, I’ve been gone for four years, and the Asian and German partnerships went away. I am still writing a column in Automazione Oggi, though.

The link goes to information about the 400th issue. You can find my column on the site. I didn’t realize it, but they translate it to Italian. I don’t speak or read Italian. I have no idea what I said—just kidding. I’m sure the article I wrote in English is rendered in excellent Italian.

I’ve also begun writing a column in Maintenance Technology magazine beginning with the October issue. My automation column there ran for several years before it stopped maybe three years ago. I’ll be looking at automation and other technology from a point of view of not only maintenance and reliability but also about how that group along with the other key plant groups such as operations, engineering, and IT need to come together to improve plant profitability.

For me it’s all about improving plant performance through the intelligent application of technology. Remember, not all problems require technology, but when they do we need to do it correctly.

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