I’m thinking about changing my tag line to “where IT meets OT” since that seems to be where things are (finally) going thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) discussions. Back for a third year, the hottest spot in this space right now is the Industry of Things World USA conference held in San Diego, this year from March 7-9.

WeConnect, a company based in Germany, puts this event on plus many other such events globally. I’ve always been impressed at the quality of speakers and attendees they can attract working from their Berlin offices.

This year’s key themes at Industry of Things World USA 2018 include:

  • From smart factories to sentient ecosystems: how to build-in intelligence from the smallest sensors to the global enterpris
  • Leadership and excellence in an uncertain world: should be talking about IoT standards and regulations or “trust”, and good corporate governance?
  • How to sell IIoT investments to senior management, boards, investors, and governments
  • Getting IT architectures future-proofed: MASA, Microservices, Web-app, Edge, UA, Open, and developments in MTConnect
  • Retrofitting legacy systems and dumb assets: quick hacks for a smart and connected factory
  • Product Life-cycle Analytics and closed-loop product and service models
  • Assets that talk, factories that communicate: virtualization, digital twins, and real-time monitoring
  • What are governments, policy makers and institutions doing to pave the way for Industry 4.0 market adoption
  • Securing Industry 4.0: security by design for an interconnected worldAdapting society, economic models, the workforce and education for teh future of smart manufacturing

Sponsors include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Rockwell Automation, Accenture, OPC Foundation, Beckhoff, WindRiver, Microsoft, and several more.

I’ll be there again this year. Heck a trip to San Diego in March has its own rewards for someone from the north. See you there.

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