Building upon interest and momentum from his last book, “Building the Internet of Things”, Maciej Kranzthe New York Times bestselling author and vice president of strategic innovation at Cisco, announced the release of “Building the Internet of Things: A Project Workbook.” The interactive companion to that book provides readers with a proven, step-by-step roadmap and considerations before, during and after launching a first or next IoT project.

I interviewed Kranz and reviewed his book in January 2017. In the review, I noted, “He told me that he wants people to understand the changes coming due to the IIoT and make the book practical and helpful. He succeeded in that goal. The book contains many examples of Industrial Internet of Things in practice along with practical leadership and implementation advice. While there is some technical discussion, this is not a book for engineering rather it is targeted to line of business leaders, people who solve business problems, and IT leaders as well as engineering leadership.”

In a follow up interview on this book and the state of the Internet of Things in general, Maciej told me, “The goal of book is to demystify IoT. It targets first line managers who asked for practical advice and help actually scoping and implementing IoT projects. People said in feedback from the first book, ‘you convinced me, now what do I do?’ This is a workbook, a guide. The purpose is to make sure they think through the process.

Through a series of instructional checklists, scores, questions, an ROI calculator <> and first-hand guidance from Kranz, readers across industries can identify their organization’s IoT opportunities, evaluate their IoT readiness, create and implement a proven plan that incorporates the right people, processes and technologies.

Upon completion of their IoT project, readers will be able to accurately assess results, measure value, set benchmarks and apply lessons learned to their next IoT initiative. The “Building the Internet of Things” companion workbook is ideal for frontline business, operational and technical leaders, line-of-business influencers and decision makers at all levels of any organization eager to take advantage of IoT technologies.

A supporting quote from someone else whom I’ve often interviewed, “We’re thrilled that IoT pioneer Maciej Kranz has followed up on his first book, ‘Building the Internet of Things,’ with this related workbook. The workbook’s pragmatic and usable methodology filled with valuable resources and considerations will be invaluable for anyone charged with rolling out an IoT project. From a scheme to score your company’s IoT readiness, to an ROI calculator and methods to measure success, this workbook can make a difference in the outcome of your IoT operations.” – Sujeet Chand, SVP and chief technology officer, Rockwell Automation

The workbook draws on Kranz’s more than two decades of pioneering, hands-on experience and research connecting technologies with networks for industrial applications before IoT became a buzzword. Kranz’s workbook will be used as the basis for curricula and courses developed by Elephant Scale <>, specializing in corporate training and educational courses on IoT, big data, data analytics and machine learning.

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