One of the most popular posts on my Website every month for years (written in January 2016) is about Raspberry Pi and Linux for HMI/SCADA.

One of my important news sources is The Information. It is a subscription-based news source—mostly technology news. I saw this item last month:

By Kevin McLaughlin · Thursday Dec 13, 2018
Juniper Networks, which makes high-end devices that route traffic around the internet, looked to be making headway in a key growth market a few years ago when it started selling its routers to Amazon Web Services. AWS is the biggest of the public cloud providers that handle an increasing share of big companies’ computing work.

But hopes that AWS could jumpstart Juniper’s stagnant growth may have been premature. Over the past few quarters, AWS has been replacing some of its Juniper routers and switches with its own custom-designed hardware, said two people with direct knowledge of the change. The move, which hasn’t previously been reported, appears to be part of a broader move by AWS to gradually replace networking hardware made by other companies with homegrown alternatives, said one of the people.

So, I’m wondering. How many of you are rolling your own HMI/SCADA or control hardware using devices like Raspberry Pi? If Amazon is building their own routers and switches, what’s stopping you from doing it?

Or, are you already? Just curious about how many are starting to reduce hardware costs this way? Where? How?

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