I really liked the old CNN Headline News–from about 20 or more years ago, that is. You could tune in for maybe 15 minutes and get a scan of the relevant news without fluff or spin.

A couple of years ago a new source sprang up online–Axios. It was similar to that old idea. They sent out two daily emails with a quick read of the news–not commentary, not fluff, not spin, but news.

Then last week came this news letter (from the Website). Nothing but idle speculation designed to get your emotions all in an uproar. OK, we already have Fox and MSNBC to do that if we choose. We don’t need it from a site masquerading as news and then pulling the old bait-and-switch.

I’ve seen very few examples of that in our industrial B2B press. There are some experienced analysts who can reliably put a context around some news. But our worst failing is when we limit ourselves to writing about advertisers. I don’t track that, but I imagine it happens even in our world.

We all have different positions growing from upbringing, experiences, sometimes even thinking. But be aware of what you read–whether it merely reinforces prejudices or whether it provides information or guidance for growth. Only in this way can we grow a dialog instead of a shouting match.

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