Remember when Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) had so much buzz? For a couple of years at Hannover Messe, there were displays, test boards, promotions. I wrote a quick paper on the value of TSN along with OPC UA. Companies such as B+R Automation were pushing it. Then, nothing. A couple of key pieces of the standard became hung up in committee. Pieces are out there, but the buzz has left in search of another candidate.

Meanwhile, Avnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking, has not given up hope and is looking into a wireless implementation of TSN. It has announced the availability of a new white paper and the creation of an Avnu working group to support further work on extending TSN capabilities to wireless.

Recent advances in 5G and IEEE 802.11 wireless connectivity technologies in providing low-latency and high reliability communications have generated significant industry interest in extending TSN capabilities over wireless. As TSN-enabled devices and networks continue to be deployed across a broad range of market verticals – industrial and robotics, and pro AV, for example, enabling extensions of similar capabilities over wireless is a natural next step. The workgroup discussions have highlighted that it is important to start discussions on topics such as consistent interoperability testing, certification efforts and other ecosystem needs that will need to be addressed to provide time sensitive network services across physical layers and fit to industries. As in the past, Avnu will look to cooperate with multiple standards bodies and other alliances to enable this.

The white paper, Wireless TSN – Definitions, Use Cases & Standards Roadmap, includes examination of existing standards, the potential standards gaps that must be addressed before widespread Wireless TSN implementation, potential use-cases of wireless TSN in different environments and markets, and an overview of the work needed within Avnu and industry to enable TSN capabilities across wireless and wired networks in the future.

Early members of the working group and authors of the white paper include representatives from Intel, Keysight Technologies, General Electric, and professional AV manufacturer, L-Acoustics.

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