Looks like we have a serious new entrant for cloud services for manufacturing software—Google Cloud. For the past many months, AWS and Azure have been the cloud infrastructure partners of choice. Google Cloud has begun making some inroads. Any thoughts on how this will shake out?

I thought I was getting a press release. This looks to be more like a blog post by Dominik Wee, Managing Director Manufacturing and Industrial of Google Cloud.

Across the industrial sector, many digital enablers and disruptive technologies are transforming businesses to be more efficient, profitable, nimble, and secure: smart factories with connected machines, the rise of the industrial internet of things (IIoT), proliferation of sensors and data, and new cloud strategies, to name a few.  

Our work with the PI System is designed to help industrial companies modernize their data and take it beyond the operational space to Google Cloud, deriving more insights and business value. Thanks to our partnership with AMD and OSIsoft, now part of AVEVA,customers can effectively, safely, and easily deploy a fully functioning PI System to Google Cloud. Together, we assist customers along that transformational journey through the launch of GCP deployment scripts for PI Core. 

The PI System is the market-leading data management platform for industrial operations in essential industries such as energy, mining, oil and gas, utilities, pharmaceutical, facilities, manufacturing, and more. The PI System automatically captures sensor data from every relevant source, refines and contextualizes the data, and delivers it to a broad ecosystem of people, tools, and applications for analysis and strategic planning. It also serves as a single source of truth for consistent decision making.  

With the PI System, industrial companies can generate insights from their data, including: 

  • Analyzing seasonal trends  
  • Determining if utilities are meeting the demands of production  
  • Comparing the performance of different lots of raw material  
  • Determining when maintenance is required on equipment  
  • Optimizing the utilization or performance of a production line  

The new deployment scripts are a natural addition to PI Integrator for Business Analytics, which integrates Google Cloud withPI Core, the on-premises portion of the PI System. PI Integrator for Business Analytics can deliver critical operational data directly to Google Cloud destinations like Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Pub/Sub. It can also be deployed either on-prem or on Google Cloud.  

The solution allows customers to take time-series data from one or many of their PI Core deployments and move it ontoBigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse for analytics. Customers can take advantage of exabyte-scale storage and petabyte-scale SQL queries in this high-speed, in-memory BI engine, enabling cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools that provide deep insights like anomaly detection and predictive maintenance from that data.

Through our partnership, PI Core-based solutions for industrial customers are further protected by Google Cloud’s robust security features, like encrypting cloud data at rest by default, that keep data safe and more secure. What’s more, PI Core is aligned with real-time mission-critical industrial applications, avoiding delays in time-sensitive process automation or discrete manufacturing processes. 

Serving a new slice of PI (System) on Google Cloud

GCP deployment scripts for PI Core are the latest achievement in our partnership. We developed these deployment scripts for PI Core on Google Cloud using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with PowerShell and Terraform technologies. With PI Core on Google Cloud, customers can generate business insights through the power of Google Cloud’s Smart Data Platform with AI/ML combined with other contextualized data. The scripts accelerate an industrial customer’s digital transformation and support quick and iterative testing and prototyping. They’re also designed for customers who are considering moving their on-prem system to Google Cloud, or customers who would like to deploy PI Core as an aggregation system to bring diverse on-prem data from multiple PI Systems into one place. 

These deployment scripts automate the provision of the PI Core components running on Google Cloud N2D VM instances powered by hardware such as 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors. GCP deployment scripts for PI Core include recommended practices for both platforms by delivering automation to deploy test and development environments.  

The scripts are offered in non-high availability (non-HA) configuration, with an HA version providing failover capabilities for PI Core coming soon. These scripts are open-sourced, and the non-HA version is now available on Google’s GitHub. 

By running PI Core on Google Cloud, the industrial sector has an easy and efficient path to business insights, generating more value from their collected data in a safe and managed environment. Enabling PI Core deployment on Google Cloud through scripts is just one of the solutions that we’re building together. Stay tuned for more updates.  

Learn more about PI Core and the overall PI System for the industrial sector. Learn more about Google Cloud instances powered by AMD. Ready to get started with our deployment scripts? Visit the GCP deployment scripts for PI Core on our Github.  

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