I don’t seem to receive many MES updates. This update comes from Sepasoft, a sister company to Inductive Automation that naturally features connectivity to Ignition by Inductive Automation. These updates include Statistical Process Control v 3.0 and Settings and Changeover (formerly Recipe and Changeover).

Statistical Process Control 3.0 Module for Enterprise-Ready Connectivity

Statistical Process Control (SPC) 3.0 module extends Manufacturing Execution System (MES) manufacturing operations, allowing scalable solutions from the plant floor all the way up to executive level operations, regardless of location.

The new SPC 3.0 update adds important new features:

• Sample entry documents that can be integrated with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and custom sample entry forms are now available to reduce time while increasing consistency with your sample data.

• Highly-optimized data collection eliminates or reduces the time required by operators and QA staff to enter in sample data.

• Central MES Configuration reduces or eliminates common SPC configuration errors regarding sample definitions, equipment, materials, etc.

• Scalability and increased transparency are now an added benefit with our MES enterprise-wide management of sample definitions and enterprise-wide analysis of results features.

• Samples can be scheduled in concert with OEE, Track & Trace Operations, and Batch Procedure functionality.

Settings & Changeover 3.0 Module for Enterprise-Ready Connectivity

The Settings & Changeover 3.0 update adds various important new features and improvements:• Software performance gets a massive upgrade due to less demand on the server, database, & network. 

• Prevent loss of production or quality by centrally managing machine settings, equipment configuration, and security access rights. Identify deviations as they happen and quickly resolve critical issues with role-based management.

• Changes made to any MES configuration are automatically recorded in a changelog to help you meet challenges of regulatory compliance. Quickly zero in on significant changes with access to a complete audit trail evidencing the location, date, type of change, responsible person, and more.

• Optimize your document organization while increasing your production efficiency with our Artifacts feature that replaces the need for paper-based procedures and vastly improves upon your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

• The Settings & Changeover module is now compatible with OEE and Track & Trace 3.0 modules.

• Enterprise-wide management of machine settings and analysis of results.

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