Twenty years ago this month an answer arrived to a problem I had been trying to figure out. Playing music on a portable device better than a Walkman. I had tried some of the early MP3 players, but they were awkward to use and unstable at uploading music.

Then the iPod appeared. I had one as soon as I could get my hands on it. This changed my life. Of course now the iPhone has absorbed all the iPod functions. I carry it almost everywhere not only for the phone part, but also to listen to podcasts and music. Om Malik reminded me of this in this week’s essay.

Not to be outdone. Today’s RAM Review from some friends in the reliability and maintenance technology area carried a reminiscence of the 100th anniversary—are you ready for this?—of the grease nipple. Another invention that saved me time and grief when I was scooting on my back under a car or other equipment.

Happy Anniversary!

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