I mentioned in my previous post about changes in the types of news coming my way. That was a LiDAR sensor. I recently talked with Max Kissel, co-founder and managing director  of Soley, a German university spinoff dealing with managing complexity of product portfolios. The company applies advanced math and complexity management to sort through the complexity of products and component parts a company may have accumulated over many years.

He told me about the solution. Soley has three solutions: Enterprise Digital Twin—graph of BOM, supply chain, etc., updated regularly; Complexity Patterns, we created PhD program, not just analytic solution; Transformational Decision Support—helps with decision making for customer teams. This is a map—nodes and edges, like a mind map—that is a semantic network, would be millions of nodes hosted on Azure. It maps customers, products, components, suppliers. 

Decisions in the product portfolio have a significant impact on sales, delivery capability, working capital and the outcomes

Millions of dependencies between products, value stream, customers and suppliers make fast and targeted interventions extremely time-consuming and costly

Soley provides automated evaluation bases and digitized decision-making processes, thus freeing up valuable time and design freedom

Enterprise Digital Twin brings together all relevant information and dependencies of a company.

Complexity Patterns uncover the most important fields of action and set the focus for all stakeholders.

Transformational Decision Support brings all the important facts and stakeholders together at one table.

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