All things cybersecurity continue to come my way. They all seem to be jumping on the White House’s industrial control systems cybersecurity initiative to promote how their solution helps solve the problem. This news concerns industrial asset and network monitoring company SysSaber. It has introduced what they tout as the industry’s first vendor-agnostic, palm-sized threat detector.

This small form factor solution can be hosted on any existing infrastructure including DIN-rail and edge devices. They say the device can collect data from anywhere and send everywhere.

“With the introduction of our portable and ultra-scalable SynSaber 1.0 software, we are empowering critical infrastructure, municipality, and co-op CIOs, CISOs, and other asset owners with a level of accessibility and customization never seen before in the industrial marketplace,” said Jori VanAntwerp, CEO and co-Founder of SynSaber.

Key features of SynSaber 1.0 include custom asset identification processor, custom detection engine, and heads-up display allowing the operator to visualize where the data is being collected.

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