I am seeing many companies large and small releasing app and software updates when they are ready rather than waiting for a special release day. Inductive Automation has been doing it this way with its flagship Ignition 8.1 SCADA/HMI platform. The latest release, 8.1.16, was just announced through the company’s blog.

This is also an appropriate time to thank Inductive Automation for its long time sponsorship of this site.

To whet your appetite to learn more about the latest Ignition features, I’m copying some of the blog from Arnell Ignacio.

As per usual, we’ve got updates to Perspective and quality-of-life improvements to the platform, as well as reporting and security improvements, and a little bit of something for Vision.

To better help our users meet compliance requirements, we added an Authentication Challenge concept in Ignition 8.1.16.

During a production process, there are determined points at which an operator will need a supervisor to sign off as part of the 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. For electronic signatures, it is required that a supervisor be authenticated to ensure their identity.

This new Authentication Challenge concept is made for those situations where an operator is logged in to an application and needs a supervisor or other appropriate party to sign off on something. The tricky part here is proving that the supervisor actually did the signing and was present with the operator. Normally, applications prove a user took some action by keeping a record of activity for the user, which can be audited at a later time.

Perspective is getting an exciting new feature in Ignition 8.1.16, the Audio Component. The Audio Component allows you to add audio to your Perspective projects.

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