A couple of years ago, Apple announced a 5G network-ready iPhone. Consumer-oriented Apple pundits with the first evaluation units wrote of great disappointment with the speed and bandwidth of 5G. Much of the power and potential of 5G had little to do with that, however. Check out the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a non-cellular 5G standard that circumvents the carriers. This news takes a similar idea in a different direction.

Betacom began in 1991 as a technology partner for cellular carriers. It has developed a private fully managed 5G network. The ability for industrial plants and manufacturing sites to bring the speed and bandwidth of 5G privately for within their areas can be a game-changing networking infrastructure.

This news reports a partnership of Betacom and the Digital Manufacturing and Cybersecurity Institute and the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing (MxD). It will provide the organization’s Chicago headquarters and Factory Floor Lab with a private 5G network. The network, one of the US’s first indoor private 5G deployments, will serve as the foundation to develop and enable technologies that power Industry 4.0. 

Industry 4.0 is a tech-powered revolution with the capacity to bring manufacturing back to the United States. The automation which sits at the core of the movement can concentrate supply lines closer to customers, reduce the need for manual labor in manufacturing, drive new business models and refine traditional business models to deliver next level goods and services. The high speed and low latency of private 5G networks, combined with strong security protocols, enable IoT deployments that drive manufacturing, warehousing and other environments to stronger productivity gains and optimal efficiency.

Everything-as-a-Service seems to be the trend du jour. Betacom touts 5G-as-a-Service.

Betacom 5G-as-a-Service is a game changer for many U.S. enterprises with access to cost-effective, high-performance 5G networks designed, deployed, and managed by one of the most trusted names in wireless networking. Betacom has a long and successful history of wireless deployments in mid-to-large enterprises leveraging carrier-class equipment and expertise to meet users’ most pressing connectivity needs. 

Everything these days requires partnerships and ecosystems. This installation is no different.

The MxD network is being deployed by Betacom in combination with its partners Airspan Networks Inc., a subsidiary of Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: MIMO), which is providing the new 5G radio access network, and Druid Software, which provides the 5G core software. Network design and deployment is conducted by Betacom, with network management delivered via its modern cloud-based Security and Service Operations Center (SSOC) built on Zero Trust security design principles.

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