More than 800 people have gathered for the resumption of the ARC Advisory Group’s annual Forum in Orlando. Yes, that’s right, my second trip to Orlando in three weeks. And there is one more to come.

Based on just a few hours at the conference and one trip around the exhibition hall, the theme this year likely will be the future of process automation Information abounds, but this appears to be the interesting idea. Plus data. Data everywhere. More on that later as I’m working on an essay on data.

Only six companies took advantage of the assembled corps of writers to hold briefings today. Some things I’ve already written up from previous interviews. Some are embargoed until later. Here is an interesting announcement of a new name.

Hexagon AB has been on a buying spree. I don’t know when it will end, but I’m thinking not soon. It has a division called PPM that encompasses asset management. Executives said this change does not signify any portfolio changes, rather a new way of thinking about the newly aggregated companies.

The new division name is Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division.

Mattias Stenberg, president of the division, said, “This evolution is driven by our customers’ needs to have real-time intelligence about their assets. This divisional name is reflective of our focus and expertise in supporting the entire asset lifecycle throughout the customer’s digital journey.”

The new division includes HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM), PAS Global, Jovix, and Innovatia Accelerator.

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