News from the Hannover Messe. Advanced wireless applications continue to make news. Here, Nokia released news about two private wireless applications you all should find intriguing, if not useful

Nokia launches MX Boost for private wireless to optimize reliability and performance for the most demanding industry use cases.

  • Nokia MX Boost for private wireless allows industries to combine available radio technologies and spectrum to meet performance needs of Industry 4.0 use cases that often operate in challenging RF conditions
  • Multiple connectivity paths can be aggregated at the Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) helping boost either throughput, by combining radio links, or determinism, by retaining capabilities of the strongest one
  • MX Boost helps unify disparate radio technologies, such as Wi-Fi and 4.9G/LTE for maximum gains and more advanced industry 4.0 use cases

Using MX Boost, organizations can aggregate radio technologies, such as Wi-Fi and 4.9G/LTE, as well as spectrum, to optimize throughput and improve determinism, which is the ability of the network to guarantee performance, even in challenging radio conditions for real-time applications.

Ah, 5G mentioned.

Adoption of private 4.9G/LTE and 5G is growing, allowing industries to gain new insights and capabilities from their operational data through reliable, secure low latency connectivity of assets. In parallel, legacy assets will continue to be in operation and enterprises need to retain existing wireless connectivity solutions like Wi-Fi. Industries also seek additional options in terms of spectrum use as they ramp-up asset connectivity and need more data capacity.

MX Boost functions at the IP layer, meaning it is very easy to aggregate very different connectivity technologies without complexity, such as combining terrestrial technologies with satellite connectivity, ultimately offering endless combination possibilities. For industrial sites, MX boost also functions with brownfield non-Nokia Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies, allowing enterprises to combine it with private 4.9G/LTE for increased determinism and increased capacity.

And a second announcement.

Nokia expands industrial-grade private wireless solution with Wi-Fi to provide more connectivity options for industries.

  • Nokia adds to its industrial connectivity edge-centric solution portfolio with the Digital Automation Cloud Wi-Fi Solution.
  • New solution unites Wi-Fi 6, 6E for connecting non-business critical use cases and private 4.9G/LTE and 5G to support critical Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Provides same easy-to-use single cloud management interface from which industries can seamlessly manage all their different wireless connectivity layers.
  • Leverages MX Industrial Edge for Wi-Fi management and authentication while Nokia MX Boost will allow companies to fully merge 3GPP and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance connectivity performance.
  • Nokia DAC Wi-Fi Access Points comes free of charge as part of a competitive as-a- service pricing subscription model.

Nokia DAC Wi-Fi connectivity solution will be available in the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) end-to-end industrial-grade digitalization platform.

With the introduction of the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi solution, organizations can tap into license-free spectrum to augment their private networks and support non-business-critical Operational Technology (OT) workflows, such as deskless workforce instructions and non-critical connections used to access machine maintenance data. These organizations can now take advantage of the Nokia DAC single cloud-based operations and management interface for all connectivity technologies, add plug and play private wireless 4.9G/LTE and 5G for real-time reliable connectivity, or boost capacity with Wifi6 for other connectivity needs. This not only provides flexibility, but also cost efficiencies that come with single platform operations.

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