OK, I could use scare tactics like a mass market “journalist” talking about Russia and threats nuclear warfare. On the other hand, how would the control system on your critical infrastructure withstand a high altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blast?

If you are using a controller from Bedrock Automation, this video documents tests of high voltage EMP resistance. Independent test lab certifies that the Bedrock OSA control platform and power supplies can survive repeated high voltage electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blasts 

The video documents independent test procedure by which Bedrock’s Open Secure Automation (OSA) platforms have achieved compliance with U.S. Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461G) for electromagnetic pulse resistance. The system withstood repeated electromagnetic pulse blasts per the RS105 test, equivalent to what a high-altitude nuclear EMP detonation might deliver.

As defined by the RS105 Test Criteria, National Technical Systems, Inc., a leading independent provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification solutions, subjected the Bedrock systems under test to a total of 67 EMP strikes in X, Y, and Z orientations. The 67 strikes are part of the test, starting at 50% (25,000 volts/m) and the last 5 strikes are at the full 50,000 volts/m.

Although surviving electrical blasts of 50,000 volts/m was required to meet the standard, the testing team maxed out the test chamber at 107,000 volts/m and the Bedrock systems under test survived multiple rapid strikes and remained operational.

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