Several times each week new (to me) cybersecurity companies find me. This through a PR professional I’ve known for maybe 20 years who picked up a new client. Mission Secure specializes in operation technology and industrial control system (OT / ICS) systems. I’ve not heard from them previously (at least, I’ve never written about them here).

Mission Secure announced the release of its Sentinel 5.0 platform Nov. 1, a milestone in enabling Zero Trust security architectures for critical infrastructure. The Sentinel 5.0 platform provides dynamic, context-aware cybersecurity policy monitoring and enforcement for operational technology systems.

“Zero Trust architectures are the most powerful and practical way to increase safety and reduce risk for industrial cyber-physical processes” says Jens Meggers, Executive Chairman of Mission Secure. “With Sentinel 5.0, we are launching a game changer that allows granular implementation of access policies from the physical signal all the way to the cloud. It is whitelisting on steroids: industrial strength, context-driven, intrusion prevention and mitigation.”

Zero Trust is a well-established IT cybersecurity principle that has yet to be widely adopted in industrial OT. 

It eliminates implicit trust in the network perimeter by validating every stage of digital interaction continuously. 

Sentinel 5.0:

• Creating access control policies to define the conditions under which users or applications can send commands to an industrial device.

• Identifying firmware state and vulnerabilities, as well as limiting access to only fully-patched systems.

• Alerting and acting on anomalies in physical signals, and isolating systems that show abnormal behavior.

• Supporting root cause analysis by correlating network events with sensor outputs. 

Mission Secure also announced a technology partnership with Verve Industrial, the provider of IT-OT asset inventory and vulnerability management solutions. 

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