SCADA software continues life into the IoT age generating benefits to users and profits to some companies. GE Digital’s iFIX and CIMPLICITY products have longevity in the field and are still updated regularly. This update brings some modern technology into the fold and aims to strengthen the connected worker.

• Modern, web-based UI improves transparency, decision making and efficiency by extending HMI to consume analytics and business application data, unifying OT/IT visualization

• No-code / Low-code environment and flexible centralized deployment speed time to value

• New MQTT bridge simplifies connectivity and communication with smart IoT sensors and devices to support data collection and operations optimization

The key technologies include HTML5, MQTT, centralized deployment, and common portfolio configuration.

Proficy Operations Hub no-code/low-code environment is engineered to support easier mobility, responsive design, added value with modern web functionality, security by design, and rich information where and when users need it, on the devices of their choice.

A new MQTT5 client can help to simplify communication and support operations optimization. The new client brings data from smart IoT sensors and devices into the SCADA application and subscribes to MQTT message bus data. 

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