Is your head still spinning at how quickly the media hype along with corporate strategies have changed from metaverse to OpenAI and ChatGPT? What’s behind it, and should we care?

That’s how large-scale media works. It reminds me of a story I heard probably 50 years ago. Supposedly Napoleon asked someone, “Where is the crowd going? I am their leader, and I must get out in front.”

Is this something mysterious? Artificial Intelligence that will take over the world? The end of students writing essays? Will our kids no longer have to think?

Dave Winer (developer of outliners and RSS and podcasting) has been playing with ChatGPT. He thinks it can be a useful User Interface for finding things on Websites (say Facebook?).

An excellent explanation of the work behind the technology comes from Stephen Wolfram. Read this thorough explanation.

I was a bit saddened to see Mike Brooks (now of AspenTech) announce his retirement on LinkedIn. He has developed applications using AI in production software—without touting some sort of mystery and hype of AI. (See our last interview here.)

Don’t get all worked up. The hype curve will switch to something else soon enough.

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