I like to use outlines to organize longer papers or presentations. They also can be good task lists. I’ve yet to use one that fits my needs. Dave Winer has written a couple—he’s the RSS developer and developer of the first blogging tool I used back in 2003 called Radio Userland, as well as the early developer of outlining tools. His just don’t fit my workflow. I’ve tried OmniOutliner, but I find it hard to write in and export to either Microsoft Word or my blog.

I wrote a long presentation last week, about 6,000 words, using a new application called Bike. It’s developed by Jesse Grosjean of Hog Bay Software. I’ve also used his text editor, Write Paper, which I like. He has another app called Task Paper which I tried but it didn’t really fit my unique needs.

If you like outlining or are curious about organizing your thoughts, try Bike. It’s good.Oh, it’s a Mac app. It harkens back to a Steve Jobs thought about computers as a bicycle for the mind.

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