I don’t cover quality applications all that much, but these news items from hexagon show use cases for their technology.

Hexagon enables manufacturers to reduce part quality issues faster with cloud metrology reporting with Metrology Reporting, a Nexus App.

  • New cloud-based metrology reporting software consolidates disparate reporting tools to deliver metrology trend analysis for a broad spectrum of Hexagon and third-party metrology systems in one dashboard
  • Users can easily track real-time part quality trends during production on any device at any time, receive automated alerts and troubleshoot issues with interactive visualisation and CAD-to-metrology comparison reports 
  • Built-in collaboration ensures that manufacturers can solve quality issues faster and share up-to-date information with colleagues and supply chain stakeholders through a simple web interface

Hexagon halves quality inspection cycles and enables flexible manufacturing with the PRESTO robotic inspection cell.

The solution builds on Hexagon’s HxGN Robotic Automation software which integrates Hexagon’s 3D scanning and absolute positioning technologies and software in a single turn-key solution. 

PRESTO enables end-to-end inspection in a turnkey package and is powered by 3D-laser scanning technologies.

Compared to other solutions on the market, PRESTO does not require a part to be specially prepared for inspection, and with no need to clean it afterwards. 

PRESTO connects inspection to the rest of a manufacturer’s ecosystem. PRESTO can be fully programmed offline with a digital twin of the cell. This allows the programmer to progress the quality inspection set-up while the operator is conducting the measurements, offering maximum equipment efficiency and return on investment. Data from the inspection can also be compared to the digital twin, ensuring that design matches reality.

PRESTO requires minimal set-up, automates processes and is designed to be as easy to use as a smartphone. The system is also designed to be useable by quality professionals without robotics expertise, providing a safer and more efficient environment for manufacturers.

This robotic cell is built with safety in mind. Clear walls ensure others on the factory floor can safely see what’s happening and the mobile workstation enables the operator to freely choose the right distance to safely monitor the inspection. 

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