AI, at least in the main media, generates as much hype and concern as it does real work. This company is trying to lay out guidelines for the ethical use of AI. Now, if only all business people were ethical…

INFORM has announced the launch of its in-depth “Responsible AI Guidelines” to support the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) while advancing the technology. These guidelines underscore the company’s commitment to ensuring AI technology operates with accountability and transparency and upholds an ethical foundation.

INFORM’s commitment to “Trustworthy AI” revolves around several pivotal principles: 

1. Beneficial AI: Ensuring AI systems enrich both users and society, mitigating negative impacts like bias and misinformation. 

2. Human-centric AI: Promoting AI’s supportive role to humans, enhancing decision-making processes, and upholding human responsibility. 

3. Aligned AI: Guaranteeing AI is in sync with human and business values, with clear and understandable AI as a foundation. 

4. Privacy-preserving AI: Upholding United States requirements and European Union’s GDPR standards, achieving top-tier security standards endorsed by ISO 27001 certifications. 

5. Reliable AI: Prioritizing quality, consistency, and transparency in AI applications, especially in vital sectors. 

6. Safe AI: Crafting AI algorithms that ensure safety and ward off potential threats. 

Dr. Jörg Herbers, co-CEO of INFORM, commented, “We have taken to heart the importance of transparency and providing a human-centered approach. By leveraging the potential of AI and algorithms in close collaboration with our customers, we have created “Responsible AI Guidelines” that mirror our ideals around ensuring AI benefits humanity and is transparent and ethical in application. Our humanitarian ethos and in-depth experience in mitigating risk and optimizing productivity across a multitude of industries from manufacturing and supply chain to fintech and insurance, has contributed to the formulation of these crucial AI guidelines. INFORM’s guidelines arrive at a crucial juncture, emphasizing that as we progress, we do so with integrity.”  

The “Responsible AI Guidelines” are available to the public, reinforcing INFORM’s dedication to open dialogue and collaborative growth within the AI sector. Download the full guidelines

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