If Generative AI is one word of the year for 2023, Sustainable is the other. This news concerns “Tech For Good” digital solutions from Atos.

Paris, France, and Dubai, UAE – December 6, 2023 – Atos today announces the launch of a new global offering designed to help enterprises reach their CSR goals. With 57% of enterprise IT’s carbon footprint attributable to workplace devices, this service offering represents a major step forward in providing clients with access to new sustainable IT solutions.

Since the 2021 announcement of Atos’ partnership with the BSI Kitemark certified startup Circular Computing at COP26, Atos has expanded its portfolio and set up a comprehensive suite of more than 20 “Tech for Good” services and solutions, encompassing social value and accessibility criteria as well as data analytics and user interfaces. 

The first segment in the new offering reshapes device lifecycle management. Most companies replace employee laptops every three to four years, with each new device accountable for emissions of more than 300 kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Atos is now working with a global network of industrial partners to offer clients lower-carbon laptop replacement options, including performance-based refresh and extended use, refurbishing, or remanufacturing. 

However, to optimize IT assets it is critical to accurately measure their usage and the carbon footprint of digital behaviors. Atos’ new offering includes a set of dashboards that enable end users and executives to better monitor and improve their workplace carbon footprint. 

The “Atos Tech 4 Good Assistant” application offers employees real-time feedback about their personal performance against environmental and social parameters. The assistant can recommend actions such as removing unnecessary programs, turning off the laptop or changing settings on the device. The assistant is available via Microsoft Teams or pop-up notifications, and provides a monthly performance report for each end user.

The final part of the sustainable workplace offering provides consolidated data and recommended actions to IT and CSR leaders. These recommendations allow leaders to not only closely monitor and manage their workplace carbon footprint, but also to improve the impact of the service in terms of social value and accessibility. They are designed to support CSR reporting, which is becoming an increasingly challenging task for organizations across the world. 

The Atos Tech 4 Good Assistant solution already monitors more than 100 device models, applications and services, and offers 10+ dashboards to track metrics like device redeployment and improved electricity use. The offering has been co-designed with several Atos clients to ensure it meets the needs of different industries and geographies before expanding to more devices and services as it ramps up in 2024. 

Tech Foundations is the Atos Group business line leading in managed services, focusing on hybrid cloud infrastructure, employee experience and technology services, through decarbonized, automated and AI-enabled solutions. Its 52,000 employees advance what matters to the world’s businesses, institutions and communities. It is present in 69 countries, with an annual revenue of € 6 billion.

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