I’m catching up on December press releases. Many go a little afield of my normal topics, but with the changing market I tend to go where tech trends take me. This relates to a deeper use of data and data analysis for materials development.

MaterialsZone and Kafrit Group, a global masterbatches and compounds producer, announced their long-term commercial agreement enabling Kafrit Group to better utilize their data to develop improved products and provide an unparalleled customer experience to its clients.

Here is typical press release language that hits every buzz word in the lexicon that basically says here is a data analysis platform targeted to materials product development. (Sorry, but people who know me know my low tolerance for this use of language.) Despite the wording, if you are working in this area, sounds like it’s worth checking out.

MaterialsZone has developed a unique Materials Informatics Platform, leveraging data and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling companies such as Kafrit Group to augment their internal capabilities and increase collaboration. Not only does the platform aggregate, enrich, and standardize data, but it also enables materials and data scientists to gain insight and knowledge on developing and improving products faster and at a reduced cost.

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