Generative AI is all the rage. When it hits all the main-stream media, though, it be already past its prime according to the Gartner Hype Cycle. NVIDIA chips power the GenAI surge. It takes a lot of compute and a lot of electricity to power this technology. Especially so when everyone wants into the act.

NVIDIA has announced some pretty good sales and earnings. Not one to let an opportunity pass by, It has recently inked agreements (all the companies expect to accelerate digital disruption, of course) with these industrial companies:

Hitachi Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Generative AI 

Schneider Electric Collaborates with NVIDIA on Designs for AI Data Centers

Siemens and NVIDIA Expand Collaboration on Generative AI for Immersive Real-time Visualization 

Rockwell Automation to Increase Scale and Scope of AI in Manufacturing with NVIDIA

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