Catching up on some back news. This is part of the flurry of news around chipmaker partnerships with computer hardware suppliers. This one is Advantech, a Taiwan-based computer manufacturer, and Qualcomm Technologies. I have not had a conversation with Advantech for years, but they’ve always been an interesting company not shy about touting their advances as you can see in their release.

They are no less than revolutionizing edge computing.

Advantech proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to revolutionize the edge computing landscape. This effort, combining AI expertise, high-performance computing, and industry-leading connectivity, is set to propel innovation for industrial computing. This collaboration establishes an open and diverse edge AI ecosystem, paving the way for best-in-class solutions tailored to AIoT applications. The announcement was also made at Embedded World 2024.

Oh, and everyone is also touting AI. Advantech’s goal is to develop an advanced lineup of Edge AI Platforms and a dedicated Edge AI SDK for edge AI applications.

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